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Blood Eternal Slot Casino Game Review

At last! A Vampire slot that doesn't suck. Following in the footsteps of legends like Dracula & modern slayers like Buffy, Blood Eternal gives you a taste for winning (at times up to 50,000 on a single spin).

You don't have to be able to levitate to enjoy floating your boat on this truly gothic inspired, double direction, video slot. Blood Eternal brings every aspect of the Vampire genre to your screen - and you don't have to be a stake yielding vigilante to get the upper hand. You simply need a spin finger with stamina to outplay these creatures of the night.

First tip: you don't need to play during the small hours of the morning. Open the lid and enjoy any time of day, no matter where you are, since this slot is just as much fun on mobile as it's on you desktop computer.

Melodrama seems to follow the sharp-fanged creatures wherever they go, and you should prepare for a bit of that when you play this online casino game.

For instance, when you want free spins, you need to get a Vampire either on reel or 5 and a human on reels 2 or 4. They must be adjacent to each other to trigger the free spins feature and then some blood-sucking action takes place. The Vampire eagerly grabs the human and sinks his teeth into the neck and keeps sucking blood until the feature is done... And it's not a quick either, because you win a lot on this generous bonus.

You've maybe gathered that the odds are stacked against the humans? That assumption would be correct. none of the humans are Van Helsing's or heroic stake-wielders. Their fear is obvious and no wonder. You profit from the Vampires and the Bats. Speaking of the bats...

There is a BAT symbol, and there's also a DOUBLE BAT symbol. The x2 Bat Symbol acts as a normal BAT symbol, BUT on a line of 5x Bats, where two of them are x2 Bat Symbols, you will have a win of 7 Bats! Subsequently, there is a much greater number of wins with the Bat symbols than with any of the other symbols. Calculating up to 12 bats, you can win 50,000 on a single spin!

I found the reels to spin fast enough, but if you're impatient, simply activate the Turbo Play option. Coin denominations range from 01c to $1,00 per bet.

There's a Heads or Tail type Double Up bonus feature that can be activated after any standard win. If you're cautious and don't want to risk everything, you can also opt to only double up 50% of your wins, and therefore safeguard against losing it all.

The background is appropriately spooky, and other symbols include gargoyles; a haunted house; an elaborate crucifix, potions and some gothic renditions of the usual playing card symbols.

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